Studio 45

  • Institute’s aim in redesigning Nike’s elite 45 Grand St. facility was to create a fully progressive and functional fitness experience.

  • Rooted in modularity, the concept emphasized the ability to transform and adapt to each user’s personal experience – whether he or she be a high school track star or an NFL MVP.

  • Changeable set pieces, innovative storage use, and flexibility to repurpose rooms throughout the space were integral to the design, while the use of raw, deconstructed materials signified high-performance and functionality.

  • Implementation of the NIKE+ app was also a key initiative, marrying technology with the emotional audio and visual cues inherent in the environment.

Nike x Matthew Williams

  • In our ongoing relationship with Nike, we were invited to bring to life the new collection with Matt Williams.

    Inspired by the innovative collection itself, we created a unique, private athlete experience to celebrate the launch. 

  • We designed custom, programmable light structures that surrounded the gym and were fully responsive to the run of show. The fixtures would respond to the curated playlist and ambient sounds, timed to the workout led by Nike trainers. An oversized TV wall brought the surveillance theme to life, as athletes were filmed in real time. The result was a full sensory training experience.