Fondation Louis Vuitton

  • With 48 hours notice, Institute was brought on to art direct four charity shows for Mr. West just outside Paris, France with his creative studio, DONDA.

  • Held at Frank Gehry's famed Fondation Louis Vuitton museum, the shows were brought to life with the help of renowned artist Steve McQueen and photographer Jackie Nickerson.

  • A massive 7-screen structure was erected in the auditorium of the museum, where Mr. West performed four consecutive nights in front of a continuously sold out audience.

Glastonbury 2015

  • When Institute was asked to art direct the live broadcast of Mr. West's 90 minute Glastonbury set, there was great potential to help deliver one of the headline performances of his career.

  • Against monumental odds leading up to the performance, the audience was enthused by a thrilling 30 song set - held under a vast monolith of par-cans that weighed several tons.

  • The BBC broadcast reached an audience of 350 million viewers worldwide and was also available to watch in its entirety as a YouTube live-stream.

Season 2

  • Continuing its partnership with DONDA for Yeezy Season Two, Institute collaborated with Vanessa Beecroft and Prodject for yet another minimalist and avant-garde approach to the collection.

  • After much hype and anticipation from the global fashion arena, the show was a viral success and was once again live streamed to millions of viewers worldwide.

Season 1

  • In developing a creative narrative around Mr. West’s iconic Season One show, Institute worked with DONDA, Adidas, Villa Eugenie, and contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft to deliver an unforgettable debut and cross collaboration.

  • Featuring a stark, utilitarian aesthetic, the show received extensive coverage and was live streamed to millions of viewers worldwide.